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Success Is Not a Straight Line When It Comes to Weight Loss

Success Is Not a Straight Line

If there is one thing I know for certain from working many years in the health care field, it is that with most client’s quest for significant weight loss SUCCESS is truly not a straight line.

Not a day goes by that I don’t have at least one client that comes in for reinforcement and accountability that doesn’t feel that they should have done better with their weight loss that week.  I tell them that a few weight points does not signal that they are doing poorly, it is the big picture that counts. I reinforce with them that if they hang in there they will be successful!

As a Registered Dietitian, I reinforce the essentials for successful weight loss, including using a professional grade scale that tracks the client’s weight and graphs it over weeks and months for accountability. Most people do not lose weight in a straight downward line. It is more in a stepwise manner, with sometimes a few steps back before going forward again. There is nothing more satisfying for both the client and me then to look at their weight and body fat % graph after weeks or months and see the big picture of SUCCESS!

It is the same with every aspect of your health.  From lowering your blood sugars to improving your fitness level. It is those individual steps pointed in the right direction and hanging in there that really totals up to success.  It is not straight and easy, but instead remembering to start again if you take a step or two backwards, never forgetting your long term goal. You may not see success in the moment, but if you hang in there and look at the big picture, over time you will see it!

November is National Diabetes Month and research shows that for many it is their high body fat % that is causing their elevated blood sugars due to insulin resistance. It is never too late to make changes that can keep you from going on to have complications from high blood sugars, but it is not a straight line. You have to set your realistic weight goal with the help of a credentialed health care provider and keep at it and not base success on a day to day basis.  Research shows that once a person with Diabetes Type 2 starts exercising, reduces their carbohydrate intake and loses some weight, it can take up to a year to see a significant difference in blood sugar levels!  Research also shows that if you hang in there you will achieve success. What else are you doing with the rest of your life! Accept the challenge!

The seven essentials for successful weight loss are:  1) first decide that you want to take action – that is the first step 2) an individualized lower carb meal plan that works long term 3) accountability – weigh-ins 4) reinforcement/education by a licensed credentialed health care provider 5) support 6) individualized exercise 7) food and fitness tracking.

So don’t think day to day but think of the big picture and start again!

Individual Appointments: Marie is licensed to practice Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and specializes in MNT for adults and children including: pre-diabetes, diabetes type 2, gestational diabetes, diabetes type 1, desired weight loss, obesity, metabolic syndrome including high blood pressure & high cholesterol, food allergies, gluten intolerance and sports nutrition.

Group Programs: diabetes self-management training, weight loss support, individual & group exercise/movement classes for core strength, flexibility, balance, & stress reduction.

Upcoming Diabetes Education Presentation – FREE:

November is National Diabetes Month!

Free presentation on “Diabetes Survival Skills” Tuesday 11/7/2017, 2:00pm @ Cornerstone Wellness Center Community Room, Auburn, Maine.

Starts 2:00 pm: Know Your Diabetes Medications, Carb Counting, Glucose Monitoring – hands on learning.   Low Carb Snacks.  

Marie L. Veselsky, Bachelor’s of Nutrition/Exercise Physiology,   Master’s of Adult Education/Nutrition

Call Choice Center for Medical Nutrition Therapy at Integrated Optimal Health at 207-402-3804 or 603-770-4856 for an appointment today. Most insurance accepted.  It is your health and your choice!



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