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Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Improves Outcomes for People with Diabetes


Why are people not taking advantage of diabetes self-management education classes (DSME) when research indicates that it can help improve diabetes outcomes?

A study by the CDC reveals that only an estimated 6.8 percent of people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes received DSME during their first year with diabetes. What’s even more surprising is that the study participants had private health coverage that would cover the cost of their initial self-management education.

An estimated 29.1 million people in the United States had diabetes in 2012, and this number is projected to reach 64 million by 2050. In 2015, it was estimated that nearly 1 in 4 four adults were living with the disease.

Diabetes is a serious disease, and should not be taken lightly or ignored. The longer you wait to make the necessary changes your “gut” tells you that you need to make, the more likely your diabetes will get worse. Uncontrolled high blood sugars are toxic and people with diabetes have an increased risk for heart disease, stroke, vision loss, depression, pain, kidney disease and even amputation of toes, feet or legs. Rural populations are particularly hit hard because they have a higher prevalence of diabetes and typically have less access to DSME programs.

The good news is that even though diabetes is a serious disease, it can often be managed through diet, individualized physical activity, weight loss as appropriate and the appropriate use of insulin and other medications to control blood sugar levels.

Research indicates that attending DSME classes can help you take control of diabetes symptoms such as tiredness, pain, depression and prevent the long term complications of diabetes by lowering your HgA1c.

Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) which is covered by most insurance, increases the use of preventative care services and reduces glucose levels associated with diabetes complications.

Nationally Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE’s) conduct each class @ Choice Center for Diabetes. The program teaches you how to eat healthy, be active, monitor blood sugar levels, take medication, problem solve, reduce risk for other health conditions and cope with the disease and provide much needed support.

So are you ready to bring down that fasting blood sugar? Would you like help losing that 15-20 lbs. that research shows is all it takes to help reduce your risk for complications of diabetes? How about lowering your HgA1C which is linked to risk of complications from diabetes down the road? Want to reduce some stress?

Integrated Optimal Health’s Choice Center for Diabetes & Weight Loss and Choice Center for Movement might be the place for you! We are an AADE Accredited Diabetes Education Center since September 2014. Our instructors for all programs are highly experienced, credentialed, licensed and or certified in their prospective fields.

Your doctor or nurse practitioner will provide us with a DSME referral and your baseline HgA1c and after finishing the program and follow-ups they will assess your HgA1c again. 

Choice Center for Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) in Conway, NH is a program that gets back to the “basics” and includes more fun hands-on learning including how to cook low carb meals. Each class covers some important aspect of better managing your own Diabetes Type 2!

Integrated Optimal Health’s

  • Choice Center for Diabetes & Weight Loss
  • Choice Center for Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)
  • Choice Center for Movement,

Location: Professional Building at 45 Washington Street, Conway, NH

Call to Register: 603-770-4856

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Individualized Carb Number for Weight Loss

By Marie Veselsky, RD, LD, CDE, BC-ADM


There is no “magic bullet” for successful weight loss, but finding out and keeping to your daily individualized carbohydrate number for weight loss works pretty well! Your individualized carbohydrate number for weight loss is based on a percentage of your assessed calorie level for weight loss.

As a Registered Dietitian that has worked with many clients over the last 20 years, I have educated clients on just about every type of diet. From low-fat, to calorie-controlled diets and even South Beach and Dr. Atkins which are very low-carb diets. None of them really worked long term for my clients. Calorie-controlled diets stop working after a while and very low-fat diets are just unappealing and not healthy. Dr. Atkins was right that it is the macro-nutrient carbohydrate that seems most to affect weight gain, but I have never met anyone that could stay on a very strict low-carb diet for any length of time. So I started searching for a meal plan that would work!

As a Registered Dietitian, I knew that out of all the diets out there that the lower-carb diet makes the most sense and is closest to the way our earliest ancestors ate. Our earliest ancestors got their carbohydrate mostly through fruits, vegetables and nuts. They had no processed carb. I also knew that if a person feels deprived on a diet they will stop that diet at some point, so I worked on developing a lower-carb diet that is individualized to the person. This diet would allow a person to still have “a life” and have some carb and also give a feeling of being more in control when they know how much carb is right for them.

Many credentialed licensed health care professionals that believe in a “get back to the basics” approach to pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and weight loss (through diet, individualized exercise, carb counting and other lifestyle changes such as stress reduction) may recommend carbohydrate intakes below 130 grams a day depending on the patient. According to research, low-carb diets can help stabilize blood sugar levels and facilitate weight loss. Integrated Optimal Health can help you determine if you are a good candidate for this type of supervised meal plan on its own or in addition to your diabetes medications as per your MD.

So what is Your Right Carb Number for Weight Loss? At Choice Center for Diabetes and Weight Loss we assess each person’s carbohydrate needs individually, depending on the need for blood sugar control and/or weight loss.   We can figure your carb number for weight loss without exercise through an individual appointment. Then we provide exercise programs and stress reduction programs to get you fit and strong! One step at a time!

At Choice Center for Diabetes, Choice Center for Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and Choice Center for Movement we are credentialed licensed health care providers advocating for a healthier approach to diabetes, weight loss and other chronic illnesses. We provide individual appointments and group programs to help you reach your optimal health.  Most Insurances accepted.

Call to make an appointment to get your individualized carb amount for weight loss. Don’t forget our very popular Level 1 and Level 2 Movement Camp, Yoga classes and Massage Therapy!  Call 603-770-4856 in NH. Let today be the first day of the rest of your life. You can’t go back and start over, but you can start from here and have a better future!






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