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Diet and Exercise are Effective for Both Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

Integrated Optimal Health’s Choice Center for Diabetes Education Program (DSME) has been accredited since 2014 and has recently received re-accreditation from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE DEAP) for another four years! Our mission is to help you better manage your own diabetes and we like to utilize the expertise of quality professionals in the community.  Chef Amy Golino who worked on the awarding winning cooking show with Julia Childs does a program on low-carb cooking (below).

Marie Veselsky and Chef Amy Golino

Diet, exercise and weight loss are most effective for preventing pre-diabetes from becoming type 2 diabetes. A major study found that the combination of diet and exercise reduced the odds of pre-diabetes becoming diabetes by 58%, compared with 31% among those using the common diabetes drug metformin.

Diet, exercise, weight loss and cutting down on total daily carbohydrates (especially processed bready carbs) can also significantly lower the HgA1c’s of people who have already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Reducing the HgA1c can help prevent the progression of the disease.

Diet, especially carbohydrate reduction, exercise, weight loss and lifestyle changes should always be used as the first line of defense for elevated blood sugars associated with insulin resistance and being overweight for height. If your doctor feels you need a diabetes medication, then diet, exercise and weight loss should always be used in conjunction with the medication.

At Integrated Optimal Health’s Choice Center for Diabetes and Weight Loss we know how important education, accountability and support are to help you reach your optimal health! We provide individual and group programs to help you better manage your own diabetes and lower your risk of associated long-term complications.

The focus of our program is to get back to the basics through a combination of education on diet, individualized exercise and weight loss programs as appropriate, medications as needed and other lifestyle changes to help people reach their optimal health. We will do this through educating the client on options, advocate for healthier choices and provide access to programs needed through working with other quality health care professionals in the community.

We provide individual appointments and group programs at our main location at 45 Washington Street, Conway, NH, Conway Professional Building. Our programs include: diabetes education programs, weight loss programs, yoga, massage, exercise groups and personal training geared to a person’s specific physical and fitness needs. We also utilize the expertise of other quality health care professionals in the community and provide ongoing educational programs such as low-carb and/or gluten free cooking classes, stress reduction programs and certification programs.

To continue to encourage healthier paths, Integrated Optimal Health is happy to announce Maine Center for Vital Living, LLC will be hosting a Yoga Teacher Training Program at Integrated Optimal Health in Conway, NH co-lead by Heidi L. Audet E-500 RYT and Kimberly Allen, E-200 RYT.

Call to make an appointment or register for the groups! Call 603-770-4856. Most Insurance Accepted! It’s Your Health and Your Choice! ™

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Exercise Boot Camp



This exercise program is designed to provide you with aerobics (movement), strength (weights), flexibility (stretching), balance (yoga), and stress reduction (guided meditation).

Not just an exercise program but includes ALL the essentials for a successful weight loss program such as low carb diet instruction, support, accountability, weekly weigh-ins with weight, BMI, and Body Fat tracking.

Mondays & Wednesdays, 4:30pm (very low impact), 5:30pm (regular).

The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you are no longer willing to stay where you are!

It is Your Health and Your Choice!  Choose Health!

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It Can Take Up to Year to See Significant Improvement with Life Style Changes for Type 2 Diabetes

By Marie Veselsky, RD, LD, CDE, BC-ADM


It can take up to a year to see a significant improvement after making diet & lifestyle changes for Diabetes Type 2!

Research shows that once a person with Diabetes Type 2 starts exercising, reduces their carbohydrate intake and loses some weight, it can take up to a year to see a significant difference in blood sugar levels! No wonder, so many people get discouraged after a few months of making the needed changes with no results!

The good news is that it works for many if you hang in there! I have had clients reduce or stop some of their diabetes medications once they cut down on the carbohydrates, practiced portion control, started exercising and lost weight. Everyone is different, but you will not know unless you try.

In any case, you can use a combination of diabetes medications, diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and insulin, if needed, to prevent or delay complications from Diabetes. It is not the fact that you have been labeled a Diabetic that is going to get you, it’s if you don’t keep those blood sugars down.

So hang in there! If you have abused your body for years, you are not going to be able to fix the damage overnight.

It is all inter-related. Today could be the first day of the rest of your life! Call “Choice Center for Diabetes and Weight Loss”  @ 603-770-4856/1-888-444-1204/207-783-6800 or on-line


It’s Your Health and Your Choice! ™



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